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The office of Tax Collector has now been combined with the Town Clerk position, having been passed by referendum at the November 3, 2020 election.  I pray that this finds you in good health and that this pandemic will be contained soon.  I am respectfully asking, due to COVID, that you consider paying your taxes by check, money order or credit/debit card this year.  Please mail your payment or place it in the locked drop box, located by the mailbox.  If you absolutely must pay in cash, please call my office to schedule a time to come in, with the correct amount.   Remember if you are paying online or with a card, there are fees assessed.  The charge for an electronic check is $1.75, Visa Debit Card is $3.95, and Credit Card is 2.45%

Tax payments
The Niagara County Legislature has approved a 30-day extension of Property Tax Bills. They have waived the additional penalty and interest that would normally be due after March 31.  The amount showing due by March 31, 2020 on your tax will be the same amount due and payable to the Niagara County Treasurer on May 1, 2020.

Payments need to be paid directly to the Niagara County Treasurers Office by mailing to
Niagara County Treasurer
59 Park Ave
Lockport, NY 14094
You can also contact them by phone at 716-439-7007. 

Reopening WNY Covid-19
COVID-19 Update May 8, 2020
Good evening everyone,
I have again attached the information regarding State testing eligibility and the drive-thru site at NCCC with the number to call to preregister.  This is an in-take line, so the caller will give their info to a rep and will then get a call back from the State Dept of Health with their appointment info.  Encourage people to call, even if they aren't sure they will meet the requirements.  The more people we can get tested, the better.  And, because we haven't been told how long they will stay, it is likely going to be determined by the demand they are seeing.

As Director Stapleton told us, there will also now be COVID-19 testing available on Thursdays by Community Health Center on Highland Ave in Niagara Falls.  They will be working with Quest and will have a van in the parking lot.  Testing is by appointment only and the contact is Trinetta Alston at 986-9199 ext. 5907.  No indication of how long this will go on, but they say they have ample test kits.  This is great news, as we know Niagara Falls has had our highest number of positive tests throughout the County (makes sense in a more densely populated area) and Mayor Restaino has been working hard to get more testing in the City!
Also, I did not mention, but today our Director of Employment & Training, Don Jablonski, joined me on the live broadcast to discuss his team and the help they can give in connecting employers/job seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  His department is working remotely, but still able to offer job listings, training information, etc at 278-8148 or on http://www.worksource1.com/  Encourage residents to reach out if they are currently out of work and looking for openings.

 Mayor Pappas - saw this and thought of you.  Cancellations have begun, as we expected...

COVID-19 Update:   March 18, 2020
Dear Town of Hartland Residents:

 In response to Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order to reduce non-essential staff by 50% we are implementing the following:
The town hall is open for business by appointment only.  Staff are working from home with limited days at the town hall.  Please use the drop box or mail to conduct business.  If you have a more involved issue, please call for an appointment to conduct your business.
 All Water and Highway operations will continue but the office will remain closed to visitors.  Please call with your issue and staff will respond.

 The Town park remains open.
I ask for your patience as we work through this emergency.  Please pray for our neighbors, our country and all nations and place our trust in God.
Town of Hartland Supervisor
W. Ross Annable

COVID-19: Niagara County State of Emergency
Our goal as always is the health and safety of our residents, businesses and visitors. Therefore, we are taking a pro-active approach to limit and slow down the spread of the virus. We are requesting that you limit nonessential travel as well as public gatherings and meetings.  As of today, local courts are shut down. Court night and any activities related are cancelled.  Planning board and Zoning board meetings will be cancelled as well as scheduled organizational meetings until further notice.  If you have court business please call, do not come to the court clerk’s office.  Taxes may be paid by mail or drop box.
Niagara County leaders declared a state of emergency March 15th, while schools countywide are closing for an indefinite period to prepare for the eventual appearance of COVID-19.

County Chairwoman Rebecca Wydysh joined elected and school leaders in making the declaration Sunday afternoon. No confirmed cases have been found in the county, but 12 people are under a 14-day quarantine and at least one person has completed a quarantine.

The coronavirus' confirmed presence in nearby Erie and Monroe counties, along with Orleans County's state of emergency declaration Saturday, prompted the move to better equip county administrators and first responders. It is likely there will be cases in Niagara County in the future.

To help reduce the spread, schools have been closed indefinitely countywide. Schools will determine methods of instruction.  County leaders are looking at options for how to deal with the virus. COVID-19.  The county is looking to introduce testing as soon as possible.  If you are ill, please call your primary Doctor.  Do not go to urgent care, the emergency room or call first responders unless you have serious symptoms.


The county is not closing its office buildings currently. The Town of Hartland will remain open, residents are encouraged to conduct any business that they can by phone or online, some essential services may have to be done in person.  Town court is now suspended. The town has a drop box for dropping off payments. If you have business with the Water or Highway office, please call 716 735 7234.  Electronic recycling is cancelled until further notice. We will monitor the situation and update as needed.


State and local authorities have primary jurisdiction for isolation and other public health orders within their respective jurisdictions.  We will monitor the situation and consult with local,

County and State Officials and take appropriate action as needed. Should the COVID-19 situation evolve locally, our plan of action and decisions will be based on whether sustained community and neighboring transmissions are occurring

At this time, it is impossible to predict the scope, severity and duration of this emergency.  We will update you of any new developments.  For further information or instructions on dealing with the COVID 19 go to the New York State Department of Health website or call the COVID-19 number at 1-888-364-3065 it is available 24 hrs. a day.  Please call the town hall with any questions.  Thank you for your patience during this trying time. 

W. Ross Annable

Hartland Supervisor


Due to COVID 19

The Town of Hartland Court office is open for fillings through appointments only.
Please call 716-735-7239

If you were issued a Traffic Ticket, you will receive a letter in the mail with your current options. Please call 716-735-7239 and update the Court of any address changes.

If you have received an appearance ticket, a letter will be mailed to you, at a later date adjourning your court date.

For urgent court related questions, please contact 716-735-7239.

Thank you