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County Legislator Mike Hill presenting $244,000 Greenway Grant for recreational lighting in the Town of Hartland, Left to Right, Councilman Brian Gross, Code Enforcement Michael Hartman, Legislator Mike Hill, Town Supervisor Ross Annable, Councilman Dan Hill, Councilman Dave Snyder

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Hartland Town Park:

65432 1Picture of ParkOur Town of Hartland is Proud to Present

Greenway Coalition Sponsored

Recreational Night Lighting for Baseball

Thanks to all of our friends for making this dream come true




Picture of Park



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Niagara County Center for Economic Development:
Hartland Town Park

It has been a passion for many years that our town park be one of the best in the area.  With the keen direction of the Town Board and supporting members in the Town of Hartland that this dream is begining to take shape.  The park will be undergoing a facelift starting in the year 2012.  Night lighting for baseball, new playground equipment, and yes even hopes of a walking trail that will surround the park.  This will connect to the current trail that positions itself through a lustrious wonderful woods for that enchanting stroll.  We in the Town of Hartland hope to enhance your visit with linkage from the Niagara County Wine Trail to the Agricultural Tourism that astounds this portion of the County 


Please stop by and enjoy our Town, you never know, maybe you might decide to stay.

3122 Hartland Rd, Gasport, NY 14094
Snells Service Station (JPG - 24.0 KB)
8393 Ridge Rd, Gasport, NY 14067
New England Sea Food (JPG - 31.2 KB)
4801 Ridge Rd, Gasport, NY 14067
7790 Ridge Rd, Gasport, NY 14067
Harris Farms (JPG - 25.6 KB)
8475 Ridge Rd. Farm Market
Burdette Auto (JPG - 28.7 KB)
7920 Ridge Rd, Auto Body Repair
Forte Hyde Kennels (JPG - 68.5 KB)
8513 Rigde Rd, Kennels
Little Ridge Archery (JPG - 39.8 KB)
8862 Ridge Rd, Virtual Archery